Christian Mission Impact Experience

Christian Mission Impact Experience

Experience our Mission

The Clark County Family YMCA is more than a gym with a pool but a place where a smile can impact lives, transform hearts and find hope for a better future. Our community is here for each other not just for a workout, a swim lesson, basketball game or paycheck and we are here for you too. 

Our facility, programs and services are the tools we use to transform lives. Come experience the lasting impact our community has built by: 

  • Building community with isolated individuals 
  • Transforming "I can't" into "I can" 
  • Empowering children to be their best self
  • Teaching generosity in time, talent and treasure
  • Providing a judgement free zone
  • Allowing kids to be kids
  • Developing our future leaders

Join us on Sept. 13 to increase the reach of Clark County Family YMCA. 

"It is not enough to teach a child how to swim, we must also teach love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service to develop young minds so they may reach their full potential."—Roger Button, Chaplain and Sr. Director of Christian Mission Advancement


Event Details

Contact Roger Button for more information at or 360.258.3823.